Adventures with Jenny: Asbury Park, NJ

Jenny, Chris and I travelled to the shore for Memorial Day. It was a gorgeous weekend in Asbury Park. After some drinks and snacks at a local bar, Jenny and I meandered to the boardwalk to do some shots. But, like, the photography kind 😉.

Jenny was rocking this great pixie cut and we planned to try and embrace a sort of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday kind of vibe. The wind was an essential part of this shoot and helped us get the movement we were looking for in a lot of her walking shots. I’m really pleased with how these turned out and the energy I can still see in each one.

We eventually got hungry, but I was loving the bold primary colors everywhere and made Jenny let me take some silly food shots as well. She was game to be silly with me.

As with most boardwalks, we also walked next door to the carnival, where Jenny had to have cotton candy and I was obsessed with this merry-go-round.

Overall it was a beautiful and full day.

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Adventures with Jenny

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