Wanderlust: Galway, Ireland

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Draw Something Everyday 2015 Recap

Draw Something Everyday 2015: A Retrospective

For 365 days I drew at least one drawing – whether that was a doodle, sketch, or abstract jot, including work related sketches and concept layouts. The prompt was to draw something everyday and I did – or as near it as possible. In the end, the accumulated and scanned list totalled to 393 drawingsRead Full Post

My Life As Seen Through My Phone: June & July 2015

As promised, this edition of My Life As Seen Through My Phone includes my sketch explorations in Illustrator. I’ve taken some random drawings and phrases from my sketchbook and after scanning them, brought them into Photoshop to clean them up, then Illustrator to change them into vector graphics.

Draw Something Everyday: September 2015

As any designer can tell you, when designing a logo you go through several sketches in order to come up with a concept to present to the client. September marked the beginning of my work for KristinaFriedgen.com. Kristina hired me to design her logo and redesign her website, which I will also be developing asRead Full Post