Family Portrait Session: Charlie

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Design in the everyday: Title Sequences

Visual design is such a broad spectrum across today’s media. We experience some form of design almost instantly upon waking up each morning and continually get bombarded until we close our eyes to sleep at night. With that amount of design exposure it’s easy to become immune to really taking the time to notice good designRead Full Post

Project Peek: Mood boards with Kristina Friedgen

The most defining part of working on any design project after finalizing requests and requirements are the mood boards. Mood boards are collaged creations made by the designer that explore different themes (color schemes, iconography, stylistic treatments, typography and more) in order to present the client with varied options and gain a gut-reaction of likesRead Full Post

Draw Something Everyday: December 2015

If you’ve visited this blog recently or follow me on social media you’re probably aware that I’ve just shared my recent logo design for Kristina Friedgen, acting coach, director/choreographer and educator. And since it’s time to share the Draw Something Everyday selects from December I thought I’d share several of the sketches that didn’t make itRead Full Post