2016 Personal Project Resolutions: A Retrospective

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#PhillyBucketList: A Retrospective

The Prompt: Last year I had a friend move away from Philadelphia. Before she left we made a list of things that were unique and special to Philadelphia. I began to document some of the things we were able to do on the listand posted them on my blog. This year, I’d like to continueRead Full Post

Headshots with Madeleine

This past spring I shot headshots for Madeleine, an actress in the city. She was looking for professional headshots that could be used for various roles and characters. We utilized the backdrop of Old City where bold colors, textured walls, and great cobblestone streets feature. Below are a few of my favorites from that day.

My Life As Seen Through My Phone: October 2015

At the end of this summer I went to my first November Project. In Philly, early on Wednesday and Friday mornings you can meet a bunch of people and have a fun workout. I’m no morning person, but I can’t deny I had a good time. While I was there on one occasion I tookRead Full Post