Adventures with Jenny: Down by the Brooklyn Bridge

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2016 Personal Project Resolutions: A Retrospective

2016 was a year of growth. For me this growth was both professional and personal. Many of these tests were ones I placed on myself to push myself to achieve goals I’ve been aiming at for a while. Some of these growing pains were forced on me by outside sources and situations. I don’t think there was aRead Full Post

Leslie Hudson's Website Redesign

Meet Leslie Hudson’s Website Redesign

Leslie Hudson is many things: she’s a writer, a public relations marketer, and an event planner. While she wears several different hats, she uses her powers to promote businesses that support ideals she herself is passionate about. From sustainability to canine service dogs to small business entrepreneurs to food news and more. Leslie has built a healthy sizedRead Full Post

Wanderlust: The Warner Brother’s Tour

If I had to recommend one “tourist” thing to do while visiting Los Angeles, I would tell people to go take the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour. I didn’t want to see celebrities or their homes or expensive stores, but going on this tour hit all my favorite aspects of being a tourist. We learned aboutRead Full Post