Wanderlust: Malibu Beach

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Draw Something Everyday: September 2015

As any designer can tell you, when designing a logo you go through several sketches in order to come up with a concept to present to the client. September marked the beginning of my work for KristinaFriedgen.com. Kristina hired me to design her logo and redesign her website, which I will also be developing asRead Full Post


Surround yourself with people who disagree with you

Everyone’s been there. You’re hanging with friends and talking about nothing important, when suddenly you state an opinion or something that you take as a simple fact and then you hear, “actually . . . [insert long description as to why you’re wrong and this person is right.]” Some people make an art out ofRead Full Post


Draw Something Everyday: June 2015

In my freelance work I’ve been diving deeper into best current practices for transferring hand drawings to illustrator in order to create vector graphics. Vectors are images that aren’t made up of pixels, therefore they don’t degrade and instead can be used at any scale or size. This is especially helpful for logos and webRead Full Post