Adventures with Jenny: Charleston, South Carolina

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Wanderlust: Kilkenny & Smithwick’s Brewery

Our next stop in Ireland was a quick jaunt to Kilkenny and the Smithwick’s Brewery. This was a lot of fun for my sister’s and I because we had time to explore the town, walk the Medieval Mile, and catch a “football” game a the local pub. Walking through the cobblestoned streets, we passed an outdoorRead Full Post

Redesign 2016: It all begins with a User Survey

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time where I decide I need to go back and redesign and develop my entire website to fit the needs of my current brand goals for the new year. But before I even put pencil to paper, I want to reach out and get y’alls feedback.

Learning to code without leaving your couch

Everyday you’ll find articles telling you developers should learn design, and ones asking if designers should learn to code. There are articles explaining why people shouldn’t learn to code and ones telling you not to listen to anyone saying what you can and can’t do (a great article in my opinion). Regardless of what “other people” think you should or shouldn’tRead Full Post