Adventures with Jenny: Fort Greene & The Greene Grape Annex

Fort Greene has been called a “neighborhood with many faces” and one winter morning, Jenny and I explored this Brooklyn gem.

As I’ve mentioned before, Jenny and I have embarked on a journey of photographic explorations. The goals of these explorations are many, but for me specifically: I’m looking to grow my portrait portfolio, further my photo styling education, and discover and journey through new places and scenes in this vast new (for me) city.

Friends are the best models because if they’re friends with you – and you’re a photographer – they’re used to you shoving a lens in their face. Whether that be an iPhone or DSLR or even an analog camera – they are almost blasé about it. Jenny and I do creative work in our daily life, and we wanted a way to further explore creating products and starting projects we’re passionate about in our personal time.

For this adventure, we explored the Brooklyn neighborhood, Fort Greene, and loved every second of it. We wandered the quiet city streets on a cold February Sunday morning and picked our shots as we went. We loved the colorful walls and installations near the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).  Inevitably, we decided coffee was in order, it was pretty cold outside.

We stopped in at The Greene Grape Annex and immediately fell in love with the lived-in, comfortable, coffee shop environment. From espresso drinks to cold brew and croissants to toad-in-a-hole the options were varied and delicious. It’s also a pretty big coffee shop for the city, but it’s also – clearly – extremely popular so seats are sometimes scarce.

One thing is for sure, we’ve only just got a taste of the hidden gems of Fort Greene, but what a wonderful place to start.

Do you have any recommendations for places, restaurants, events, etc. in the Fort Greene area? Let me know: @KFriedgen on twitter.

A little about Jenny

Jenny is the Senior Beauty Editor at PureWow. When she’s not writing about the latest nail art trend or testing out (yet another) sheet mask, she’s actively plotting her next meal—and vacation. You can find her on Instagram @jyjin.

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