Fishing with the Fridge & the Captain

Throughout my whole life, one main constant is South Carolina. My family always comes back here and in many ways, no matter where I live, it will continue to be my home. You can’t beat the fresh air, boat rides, beautiful beaches, great food, and my Dad waking us up at 5AM to go fishing. Oh, well that last part many people might want to skip out on, but they’d be wrong.

We have several fishing stories in our family, some funny, some scary, but always with family and friends. My dad is an avid fisherman and growing up we would fish, crab, throw for bait, you name it and we did it. This passed summer, my dad decided to treat my sister, Kristina, and I and hired Captain Chuck from Aqua Adventures to help us go a little farther than we normally do and try to catch some fish.

It was a beautiful (albeit EARLY) morning out on the water and we had a blast. We all caught a ton of fish, from red fish to sharks to sting rays and more. I fought with a sting ray for so long I got to wear a belt for my fishing pole to grip better. That was a new one. Of course my sister didn’t get a photo of it, so you’ll have to enjoy the ones I took – as usual.

This tradition of fishing within my family is responsible for some of my most meaningful and fond memories. I’m so grateful to my parents for always sharing their passions and hobbies with their daughters and making them such a rich part of our childhood and beyond.

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