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While not always 100% aware of a company’s overall vision, customers should be able to follow the “story” a company is telling and never feel like their journey is interrupted or confusing.

When customers stumble into these “friction” moments we must take note and endeavor to find ways to ease and improve the user flow. In addition, we have a responsibility to be aware of who our customers are in order to design and develop solutions that fit them.

Volume 3

This month we focus on the importance of understanding how small decisions affect our overall vision, product goals and customers experience.

Come together, right now

A neon sign saying: "Do something great"

In Design for a Vision, Daniel Ruston of Google takes the time to remind us that behind all our hard work, through every meeting, during every email we’re all striving towards the same goal. Take a little imagination, mix in some innovation, and ask yourself: how can we provide real value to our customers through a unified vision?

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The sum of it’s part

A photo of Margaret Gould Stewart giving a speech.

Having worked in design at Google, YouTube, and Facebook, Margaret Gould Stewart knows what it takes to design at scale. In her TED talk (How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too)), she walks us through the importance behind even their “smallest” design decisions as they strive to improve user experience while positively influencing their brand’s relationship with it’s customers. Through constant testing, analyzing customer feedback, and a genuine desire to truly know their customer; Margaret describes how small changes can influence a global-wide response. 

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It’s about the journey

An image of a user at the beginning of their shopping journey. Specifically a person viewing sunglasses in a store, considering the purchase.

This month we explore the importance of a standardized web practice called Journey Mapping. Stuart Hogg of Think With Google in Customer journey mapping: The path to loyalty advocates that, “[M]apping your customer’s journey can help…give you and your team a greater understanding of how your customers are currently interacting and engaging with your brand, and also help illustrate how your products and services fit into their lives, schedules, goals, and aspirations.”

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Identity crisis

In order to improve customer experience we have to start from the beginning. Not from our product’s beginning, but our customer. Who are they? What are they in need of? In Beyond personas: How to build an ideal customer profile process, Ed Fry explains that identifying and strategizing around the customer profiles helps improve cross-team alignment and prioritization of customer experience enhancements.

Featured UX Leader:

Donna Lichaw

Donna believes that good design comes from good storytelling, and as the author of The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love she believes the customer can easily spot a narrative of value.

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