Wanderlust: Laytonsville & Brookeville, Maryland

Sometimes there are worlds yet to be explored right in your backyard. I lived in Maryland for 10 years and over this past Memorial Day weekend I explored parts of it I’d never seen.

My sister took me to the Rachel Carson Conservation Park for some hiking and exploring. If you’re like me and had no idea this park even existed, here’s some more information about it from their website:

This park is one of the county’s premier conservation areas and best natural areas with more than six miles of natural surface trails for hiking and equestrian use.

The park honors America’s outstanding writer, environmental activist, and County resident by conserving 650 acres in the Brookeville area of Montgomery County. Like other M-NCPPC conservation parks, Rachel Carson Conservation Park contains some of the best examples of park natural resources in Montgomery County, Maryland and remains undeveloped.

We walked through the plethora of colorful flora and did our best to dodge the muddiest parts of the trail. Along the way, I took photographs to try and capture the fresh and clean feeling of being in the woods on a beautiful day.


Waredaca Brewing Company

After working up an apetite and hiking a few miles in the woods, Kristina took me to a local Brewery, the Waredaca Brewing Company. Surrounded by farmland and peppered with some lovely horses, Waredaca is a great find!

Living in Philadelphia for as long as I did made me a bit of a beer snob – well to be specific a non-IPA beer snob (IPAs taste like potpurri to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.) So I was happily surprised to find this gem not far from where I grew up in Maryland.

Waredaca has a varied list of beers on tap and you can go and do a tasting, order a flight, and enjoy some snacks while sitting inside or outside. We noticed people brought their kids, a picnic and enjoyed beers outside while the children were able to run around and play.

After enjoying a tasting flight with Kristina, I explored the lands and took some photos from the area surrounding the Brewhouse. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend a stop.

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