Katie in Williamsburg

30 Lessons for 30 Years

Today marks 30 years for me and as I take the time to reflect on what that means to me, I’ve noted 30 lessons I’ve felt have served me best, so far:

Katie in Williamsburg

  1. Go make your life, not a living.
  2. Your family is always there for you. Treasure them and do the same.
  3. You’ve got to pay the price.
  4. Make and/or create things for yourself, not just for work.
  5. Try new things. “Ever tried, ever failed. No matter: try again, fail again, fail better.”
  6. Don’t punish yourself for past mistakes or missed opportunities. Move beyond them and start again.
  7. Talk less, listen more.
  8. Exercise isn’t just for physical health, it’s also a stress reliever and mental break from the day-to-day that you need.
  9. Laugh more.
  10. Give more complements to people. Not just about people looking good/better/well – tell people they do something great, have a unique ability, impress you, etc. The possibilities are endless and it’s such a simple thing to do.
  11. Travel more.
  12. Explore your own city.
  13. Go to bed early when you can. Wake up early when you can.
  14. Treasure and nourish your friendships.
  15. Call and see your family every week. If you live in different places, use FaceTime.
  16. Don’t say “I’m sorry” instead of “excuse me” or in reply to a delayed work email reply. If it’s hard to avoid, put it in the email/message and remove it before sending. Save apologies for when they’re needed/appropriate.
  17. Show gratitude.
  18. Schedule a day, every month that you keep for yourself. Use it for needed down-time, a hike, a walk around your city, whatever you want. Keep this day for yourself or your own use.
  19. Never let absolutes rule your future.
  20. Say “no” more.
  21. Never stop learning. Keep your mind open to new ideas and you’ll always have a fresh outlook.
  22. You’re only as good as your last win. Let that thought push you for more.
  23. Take time to listen to music that makes you happy.
  24. When they don’t server you, let things/people/issues go.
  25. Don’t aim for perfection – just start.
  26. Embrace competition, let it help you get better, but don’t let it sour your relationships. One of my favorites quotes from Jason Mraz is the most elegant way to phrase this sentiment: “When you stumble onto something better remember it’s humble that you seek.”
  27. Feel what you feel when you need to feel it, without apology or need for public approval.
  28. Make time for the moment, whether through formal meditation, staring out at the ocean, listening to music, watching a storm roll by, or closing your eyes and breathing deeply.
  29. Don’t fear planning or planned-out days, but make time and treasure unplanned days.
  30. Trust your gut.

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