Wanderlust: Lake Tahoe & Sonoma, CA

Lake Tahoe

My best friend, Emily and I share birthdays in the same month, so for our 30th birthday we decided to do a big adventure trip. We travelled to Lake Tahoe at the Heavenly Ski Resort. I had never skied before, so I was a little nervous about this trip, but I decided to take 2 lessons and I was really excited to make it down my first blue! I recommend to anyone who’s on the fence: make a point to try new things, even and especially if they scare you.

When we weren’t skiing, we were exploring, the nearby town and the mountain views. Here are some of my favorite shots:

We actually had to head out sooner than expected because of avalanche issues. But even the views from outside the car window on our drive down the mountain were beautiful.

Sonoma, California

My sister treated Emily and I to a lovely day of wine tasting starting at the beautiful La Rochelle. The wines and views were lovely and my nephew got to run through the fields and meet a chicken!

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