Adventures with Jenny: Glow Recipe

Jenny and I go way back to our Treblemaker days and she’s been featured on my blog many times from our random frolic encounters. Now that we reside in the same city, I’m happy to say that we’ve decided to combine our mutual powers and create an on-going series of photographs documenting our joint adventures!

Our first adventure brings us to a wonderful K-Beauty pop up shop by Glow Recipe. Jenny and the co-SHE-E-O, Christine, have been friends for a while and so Jenny was excited to see what wonders awaited us at this pop up shop.

As a beauty amateur (or whatever is below amateur . . . novice? apathetic? lol), I get super overwhelmed going into most beauty shops. I never know what is right for me and usually am just there to buy whatever I’ve used before and get out as quickly as possible. But this shop has such an amazing interior details, with designs by Hucbek Inc., that a customer can stroll in and find what they’re looking for based on the faux vanities and labels on the walls.

As a designer, I love the illustrations, use of color vs black and white line drawings to create a clean, fresh and energetic atmosphere. My favorite was the “pop me, squish me, touch me” wall – mostly because I’m 12 years old and always will enjoy that kind of humor ;).

There’s such a great atmosphere at this pop up and the employees and staff were a blast to hang out with. Jenny was able to find products she loves, recommends and wishes she owned.

We have many more adventures on the way so stayed tuned for more!

A little about Jenny

Jenny is the Senior Beauty Editor at PureWow. When she’s not writing about the latest nail art trend or testing out (yet another) sheet mask, she’s actively plotting her next meal—and vacation. You can find her on Instagram @jyjin.

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