Family Portrait Session: Charlie

Of all the portrait work I do, I find the most difficult subjects are also ones that lead to the most amazing moments: family portraiture. You can’t control a baby’s emotions. They are going to be tired and fussy one minute, cute and quiet for another minute, and running around everywhere the next. The best you can do is tell the parents to try and make sure the baby is well rested (like that is in anyones control!), fed, changed, and dressed prior to the photographer arriving. After that, it’s just a matter of staging the adorable baby in different frames and let the magic happen.

Charlie, though, was an absolute delight. It was almost too easy! Everywhere we brought him he was happy to explore, play, laugh, and be amazingly well behaved and so photogenic! It also helped that his mom dressed him as the dapperist little man you’d ever see.¬†My first photoshoot with baby suspenders!

The streets of Philadelphia always serve as a great backdrop and we were even able to get a family portrait in front of the famous¬†Pat’s King of Steaks. A Philadelphia classic.

It was an amazing day, full of fun and family and I loved being a part of it.

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