Adventures with Jenny: Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Summer is truly coming to a close and as I look back on the past few months I can see there were many adventures (several of which I’m overdue posting) but it all went by so quickly! Two of my favorite shoots of the summer happened with Jenny when we were both vacationing with some of my family in and near Charleston.

I’m continually amazed with the compositions that Jenny and I create and collaborate on. You would think after several of these photoshoots that we’d be running out of ideas, but the best thing about working creatively with a friend you’ve known for so long is how easy the process comes together.

Good creative process is like a good song: full of rhythm, key changes, and honest moments of reflection. When something’s working, we can feel it in the momentum of the shots. If somethings not coming together one of us will call it out and we’ll adjust.

The hard part is finding someone you can be honest without any resentment or friction getting in the way. Jenny and I are making this series for ourselves and having a blast in the process. We hope you’re enjoying seeing the products of our labor!

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