Adventures with Jenny: Midtown, Manhattan

As temperatures drop and holiday melodies play through the string-light-lined streets, I’m taking a moment to look back on warmer days. Earlier in the summer, Jenny and I explored Midtown, Manhattan and enjoyed the sparseness of the not-as-touristy parts of New York City.

It’s a little known fact (for those who don’t live in the area) that New York in summer is actually quite spacious. Unless you’re going to museums, statues, and famous buildings. Those are all tourist-laden and crowded. But as we explored more business areas during these holiday months, Jenny and I were able to walk through main streets near Union Square, pose along the book-laden walls of Strand, and grab drinks at a usually-crowded bar.

It was a glorious day of sunshine, frolicking, and joy. Spacious or crowded, one thing I’ve learned by living in New York so far is that it always surprises you.

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