Design Trends I’m Digging Right Now

In this world of light-speed internet and collective consciousness design it’s easy to get swept away with the hottest new design style. I’m personally of the opinion that it’s important to try some of these styles, like new clothing trends, to see if they fit your own personal design aesthetic. That isn’t to say you should just copy what everyone else is doing, instead you should observe and note what designers you admire are doing and see how that knowledge informs your own design.

Here are three current trends I’m enjoying:

1. Bebas Neue, Bold

Alex Miller

Influx Marketing Material by Alex Miller

You don’t have to go far to find Bebas Neue all over the place. From logos to websites it’s making Helvetica look positively overlooked.


Image on Left: Nidificate via Behance Image on Right: Data Visualization by Jen Marquez

It’s not hard to see why that is. It’s a very firm font with the ability to take on the style of many different and varied elements without detracting from the whole.

2. Icon Illustration


With the growth of mobile and user experience design the use and importance of icons has never been more noticeable. You can’t open an app without experiencing some kind of customized icon set.

Some icons are just cleaned up versions of what came before, but others are redefining the icons we know and love and improving them.

icon-illustration-sprout-press design by Stitch Design Co.

Others are using this well-established design style to customize and detail website designs.

3. Asymmetrical grid layouts


John John by Ben Johnson

Those who’ve said that web design killed the print design star need to look for a new song. Websites today have more flexibility – and more responsibility – than ever before.

With responsive websites becoming the norm, designers are finding ways to emulate the successful print design standards of the past while still honoring multiple device viewing.


Sam Thies | Twofold Design

One of my favorite trends right now is the highly editorial print style of asymmetrical grid layouts. Where image and copy come together in a beautiful unbalance while still feeling unified.

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