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Glasses [An Abstraction]

Recently at work my team was given the option to use Google Glass for a week. It was an incredible opportunity that I was excited to be a part of. Later, I reviewed my experience with glass, and while it was a fascinating piece of tech, I found myself pondering it’s fine art implications.

While using glass you are documenting your experiences from a first-person perspective. What is art except first-person expression? Well I decided to answer this question for myself. Once I realized you can calibrate your wink, yes your wink, so that when you wink it takes a photograph – I knew. I found myself experimenting with colors, fabrics, motion, light, hair – anything that created layers infront of my vision, but behind my bangs. Google glass allowed me to keep using my hands while continuing to take photographs, not unlike a go pro in that respect.

The more I experimented the more I found myself directing and using my hands to draw with the fabrics and light and motion. It felt like just another camera, only much more lightweight and easier to use the shutter release. The combination of deliberateness and accidental success reminded me very much of the feeling I get while drawing or photographing. In the end, I feel that while Google Glass is purported to be the future, I felt that it helped me connect more with the creations of today and even the past.

See the full series here.

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