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Holiday Gift Guide for the Graphic Designer in Your Life

If you are shopping for your graphic designer friend, co-worker, family member and you have no clue what a graphic designer would want for the holidays – let me be your guide. I’ve created a list of 10 things you can get the Graphic Designer in your life.

1. The FontBook App $5.99


FontBook is the world’s most comprehensive typographic reference tool, containing 110 type foundries and featuring over 620,000 typeface specimens. Use the FontBook app to look up and view fonts by name, style category, typographical subclassification, designer name, foundry name, year of publication, or by similarity of design. Compile your own list of favorite fonts, and use the “compare” tool to test-drive fonts. Specially designed for fast, easy navigation and also works as a fun playground for finding inspiration. Learn more.

2. The Designer’s Guide To Marketing And Pricing: How To Win Clients And What To Charge Them $16.49


The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing will answer all the common questions asked by designers trying to stay afloat in their creative business – and also successful designers who want to put a little more thought into their operations. Whether you’re a freelancer, an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned small-business owner, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to market and price your services. Read more.

3. Freelance Design in Practice $19.82


As a designer, it’s easy to take on a freelance project here and there to expand your creativity and increase your income. But very quickly, such projects begin to have legal and financial ramifications. Freelance Design in Practice addresses these issues as well as explaining exactly what it takes to create a full-time freelance business. For both active freelancers and those who aspire to it, Freelance Design in Practice offers insight and advice from working professionals who have successfully jumped the many… See more details.

4. Pixel Ruler $26.95


The ultimate tool for responsive screen size sketching. Heavy-duty gauge stainless steel ruler with pixel increments. Markers for mobile, tablet and widescreen (laptop) sizing. Read More.

5. Website Stencil Kit $26.95


Brainstorm website and app ideas with ease using our precision cut Website Stencil Kit. Wireframe quickly and efficiently with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques. Read more.

6. Browser Sketch Pad $13.95


Use our handy graph paper with browser chrome on top to sketch out your UI and website ideas. The grid matches the scale on our Web Stencil Kit. Easily tear off sheets for review and pin-up. Read more.

7. CSS Artistry $62.99


A Web Design Master Class: Includes Full-Color Transcending CSS Book and 2 1/2-Hour Inspired CSS DVD Video Training CSS Artistry: A Web Design Master Class: Includes Full-Color Transcending CSS Book and 2 1/2-Hour Inspired CSS DVD Video Training 

In Transcending CSS: The Fine Art Of Web Design (New Riders), renowned designer and author Andy Clarke set the stage for the development of progressive Web site design using XHTML, CSS and other Web-standards technologies. In this new DVD-ROM video, Andy follows up on the core principles of transcendent CSS, taking you even further along the path to creating beautiful and accessible Web sites using minimal, semantic markup. See more details.

8. Wacom Inking Digital Sketchpad $199.95


Capture your ideas and rough concept sketches in digital format for further refining on your computer, emailing, or archiving. Inking is a highly portable sketching tool that allows you to sketch with a pressure sensitive ink pen on your favorite sketchbook or paper while at the same time capturing a digital version of your sketch. Inkling enables you to sketch away from your computer—at your favorite coffee shop, in brainstorming meetings, or on the train to work. When you finish sketching, you can plug the Inkling into your computer and transfer your sketches for further development on your computer. Read more.

9. LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $199.99


The LaCie Rugged is also fully bus-powered through the included USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt* cables. Its portability and interfaces make it the must-have sidekick to a new Mac or Ultrabook. Learn more.

10. Gift Card to Moo $10 – $100


What do you give your most creative friends? A (virtual) MOO Gift Card of course! Select a design, and we’ll send you or your friend the Gift Card via email. You can use a MOO Gift Card on anything – except another Gift Card. Learn more.

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