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Hooley Coloring Party II

I went to my second Hooley Coloring Party a few weekends back and it was amazing. My first Hooley Coloring Party was at a coffee house and a weeknight which made it more of a chill hangout. This time it was at the City Tap House and it felt more like a happy hour with coloring.

If you don’t know what Hooley is:

Hooley believes in helping people explore what it means to be. We believe in focusing on what’s right in front of us and allowing ourselves to live fully in the present moment. We create opportunities for individuals to reconnect with themselves and others with our line of hand-drawn line illustrations and coloring parties. Read more

The creator, and my friend, Alli Blum does a great job of hosting an event that helps you detach from the stress of the everyday and find a connection to the simple joys in your life.

RSVP to the next Hooley Coloring Party here

Photographs by Katharine Friedgen, edited with vsco presets.

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