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“Light Studies” pieces on display at Cafe Lift, Philadelphia

Happy First Friday, Everyone! I’m super excited to announce that for the month of June, my thesis work, Light Studies will be up at Cafe Lift in Philadelphia.

My work has always centrally involved the figure. Mostly, I represent, figures who either confront themselves, the audience, and/or the space around them. I am of the opinion that any piece made is a self-portrait in some way. It is therefore my belief that the figures I depict are more of a self-exploration than a depiction of another individual. By exploring the moves and language of other people and figures, I find that I understand myself and my own motivations more and more. Many ideas about the human condition can be – not answered, but explored by relating to others in conjunction with our selves.


-Katharine Friedgen, ©2010, Artist Statement


We installed yesterday and I’m really pleased with how everything looks. I have to thank my generous sister Kelley, my wonderful roommate Candace, and my awesome coworker Gaby for helping me make this happen. Above is an instagram that Gaby took while we installed and below is a snapshot she got of me today.


If you’re in the area, please go have a gander and let me know your thoughts!

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