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My Life As Seen Through My Phone: December 2015

Monthly Theme: Family & Friendship

What a year it’s been. So many changes, so many ups and downs, but here we are yet again at the end of one year and the beginning of another.

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Through all the highs and lows I’ve been so incredibly lucky to have people in my life who push me to be better and who I’m so grateful to have in my life.

In this age of technological instant gratification we can lose sight of moments – good and bad. When we feel lonely we turn to our phones and our photos and we lose ourselves in the past or someone else’s present in order to distract ourselves from what we are feeling or not feeling. This isn’t bad in moderation, but when you’ve stopped yourself from feeling any of the bad moments, then you’ve already diluted the good moment’s impact.

Do yourself a favor and next time you’re feeling lonely use that phone to try to see someone face to face instead of face to facebook. Don’t just make a connection – make your relationships count and nurture them the old fashioned way.

I’m grateful for every hug and laugh, home cooked dinner, inside joke, and deep talk. Here’s to all the people who helped make 2014 a year of growth and strength.

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