The Best Cafes & Coffee Houses in Philadelphia

That’s an excellent question and not one I can answer in one post, so I’ll answer it in categories. I have several favorite cafe’s/coffee spots in Philadelphia, and my favorite restaurant and bar changes for every situation and mood. But here I’ll give you the first category.

1. Capogiro

Capogiro is world famous for their gelato – and rightly so – but if I had to name the best cappuccino I’ve had in the United States it would be from Capogrio. Located, quite conveniently, in Center City it has wifi and small tables perfect for sitting with your coffee, looking out at the bustling city and working for hours. As a side note for my lactose-intolerant friends – Capogiro is the only place I’ve ever gone where they’ve been able to give me an incredible foamed soy cappuccino.

2. Double Shot Espresso Bar


Double Shots was the first coffee house I found after moving to Philadelphia, so it will always hold a place in my coffee-loving heart. Here I like to get iced coffee in the summer and sketch out ideas on the bar seating facing the outside window. My sister likes to grab some quick breakfast and sit on the worn and comfy chairs, and I love seeing people use the book trade there.

3. Cafe Lift



I come here so often, they recognize my voice when I call in my order. I get lunch here a lot always with a double large cappuccino. Sarah, my usual barista, is an ace at making coffee. The food, atmosphere, and staff make this one of the best cafe’s in Philadelphia. I’m not the only one who thinks so – many people love their brunch.

4. Old City Coffee


Ironically, I drink my Old City Coffee at Reading Terminal Market and have never been to the Old City location. Not for any reason other than on my way I pass Double Shots and then my coffee problem is solved. But as for coffee in RTM – you can’t do better than Old City Coffee. I recommend the smaller version near the exit towards the Convention Center.

5. Plough & The Starsimage

Ok. Ok. I know anyone who knows P&TS right now, is reading this and thinking — That is not a cafe it’s a pub. I agree with you! You’re right. But it makes my list for this reason: excellent coffee. And now I will reveal to you one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets: The Plough & The Stars has an incredible brunch menu and coffee that’s better than watching your favorite rugby team win – or close enough.

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