The Philadelphia Bucket List: Live Bluegrass at Fiume

Lots of changes in the works this holiday season. One of the most inspiring and heartbreaking things happening for me right now? I have a dear friend who is moving to the west coast.

But before she leaves, we wanted to make sure she did everything we’ve never had time for or just didn’t event know about in Philadelphia. My friends and I have compiled a list of things we can do right now in Philadelphia that we’ve never done.

We titled this adventure: The Philadelphia Bucket List.

bluegrass in philadelphia

First up, live bluegrass music at Fiume. A few weeks back on a cold Thursday night, we ventured to the bar Fiume. It took us a second to figure out just exactly where this bar was. The address is a little deceiving. Once we found it, we walked up a carpeted staircase to the small bar above.

Bluegrass at Fiume

bluegrass in philadelphia

bluegrass in philadelphia

bluegrass in philadelphia

bluegrass in philadelphia music

Cozy and full of personality with a sign above the drink list that cries “Johnny Cash is dead. Long live Johnny Cash.” we knew we’d come to the right place. The music was gorgeous, the audience appreciative and best of all my friend loved it.

If you like bluegrass or folk music and have never been to this bar, I can’t recommend this place enough. Bring a friend, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy some beautiful music.