Wanderlust: Berlin (Plötzensee)

Our next stop in Berlin was to camp with friends near a glacier lake, Plötzensee. We came for our friend’s wedding which was gorgeous and so much fun. The campsite was full of beautiful flowers, artistic arrangements, and really was the best location to go camping.

The heat wave finally broke while we stayed here, but it broke with a terrifying thunderstorm and downpour. On the bright side, the rain got rid of the mosquitoes, but some people’s tent areas got flooded. Which ended up being somewhat fine because we partied until about 4:00am so sleep was limited and dancing was the highlight of the evening.

We also made a trip to the glacier lake and took a refreshing swim in the clearest water you’ll ever see. And the woods surrounding the lake are full of looming, ancient trees that were gorgeous to shoot and see.

Berlin continues to be one of my favorite places to visit and I’ve gone back several times. I can’t wait for my next visit.





Have you ever been to Berlin? What was your favorite part?

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