Wanderlust: Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky

Finally! It’s been a bit of a crazy, fun-filled summer, but I’m so excited to begin sharing the photos from our Girls Weekend 2017 where we trekked to Kentucky for a long weekend.

Girls weekend

Every year 4 college friends and I pull a state out of a hat and we plan a trip there. In the passed we’ve gone to (one year I missed: Louisiana), Arizona and West Virginia. For 2017, our state was Kentucky!

We had a slight snafu early on that resulted in two of our girls having to drive from Washington, DC to Kentucky as it was quicker than flying. Always an adventure, right?!

While the other two girls and I waited for our heroic friends to complete their journey, we bided our time by making our first distillery stop at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

It should come as no surprise that when we researched what to do in Kentucky for this trip almost everyone told us “BOURBON TASTING!” Funnily enough, we’re not huge bourbon drinkers, but we never say no to a new experience – so here was our first stop after the airport!

Our great tour guide took us around the beautifully industrial and historic distillery and told us not only about the history of the distillery, but the categorization and qualification of becoming a “bourbon”.

Fun fact: A whiskey can only be called a bourbon if it’s made with mostly corn AND it’s made in the United States – not just Kentucky. They just have the best made in Kentucky. There’s a lot of corn here.

After the tour we enjoyed a lovely tasting. My favorite being the bourbon cream – if you have the means make sure you pick some up and add it to your coffee, or even better: your ice cream!

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