27 For One More Day

Being a February baby means more often than not you’re going to be greeted with a gray sky on your birthday. But as many photographers know, that’s the best time to shoot. For my actual birth day this year, I decided to celebrate by spending the day with my city.

I walked to breakfast at one of my favorite brunch spots in the city, Capofitto, and chatted with the waiters and other customers also eating there. Then I walked around N3rd St. and beyond to window shop and shoot.

Here are a few favorites from that day:

katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_-9 katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_-10 katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_-12 katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_-17 katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_-42 katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_-47 katharine_friedgen_last_day_27_

What’s your favorite thing to do in your city?

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