#PhillyBucketList: A Retrospective

The Prompt:

Last year I had a friend move away from Philadelphia. Before she left we made a list of things that were unique and special to Philadelphia. I began to document some of the things we were able to do on the listand posted them on my blog.

This year, I’d like to continue this series by featuring more unique and fun things that should be on any tourist or lifer of Philadelphia. I’ll post this series with hashtag #PhillyBucketList.

3. #PhillyBucketList

The Results:


First Hackathon in Philly

Live Music in Philly

Ride the Schuykill River Trail

November Project: Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Viaduct

The Experience

When I started to look back at this challenge I was initially disappointed that I wasn’t able to complete more “bucket list” items from Philadelphia. But now that I take a second look, what I like about this challenge is that you can see these Philadelphia milestones I’ve experienced and they’re all very personal for me.

The Hackathon was incredible. It made me challenge myself in a new way and I loved every minute. As for the live music, I have several friends in Philadelphia who are performers and I love getting to see them rock a stage. This challenge gave me the excuse to bring a camera and capture some excellent shots of them showing the city how to dance.

The Schuylkill River Trail & November Project both highlight how I jumped into training for the Bike MS Ride and my first Toughmudder. It’s true that Philly is a foodie town, but that also means we’re a HUGE fitness town. I’ve had so many new experiences this year when it comes to fitness and I felt these groups and opportunities deserved being featured.

The Reading Terminal Viaduct is a perfect example of what I wanted this series to be. An experience not everyone knows about (even if you live in Philly) that’s worth featuring on a #PhillyBucketList.

In the end, I love seeing all the different parts of the city I showcased: from the developer/tech side to the entertainment and musical side to the outdoors and fitness side.

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