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So since I want to force myself to be more on top of my posting, I’m going to make myself have a thematic schedule that will help me know what I need to post. They are as follows:

Mentor Mondays: Every Monday I will post/promote a person/blog/artist who has been an instructor I admire or just a huge influence for me.

Diptych Tuesdays: My images in the form of diptychs that usually tell a story or compare/contrast eachother while emphasizing a general idea.

GPOY Wednesdays: Self explanatory (no pun intended.)

Threesome Thursdays: Not as sexy as it sounds. I will post 3 images in a single post that are from the same theme, event, or project.

Featured Friend Fridays: This may be an artist that is a friend of mine and in this post I will promote their work – or a picture of a friend of mine (that I took/drew/created) who may or may not be an artist (visual, performance, etc.)

Sketchbook Saturdays: I will post a picture from any of my sketchbooks and explain the context as much as possible – or I’ll ramble.

As for Sundays … I’m leaving those open for now unless I come up with a theme for them. Unless anyone out there in the Tumblrverse has any ideas?

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