Mentor Mondays: Dawn Gavin

Dawn was my professor at University and I was lucky enough to have her also as my thesis advisor. Her intricate, fascinating, and fearlessly delicate works are all based in the concept of drawing, even if the pieces aren’t in actuality drawings. Some of her works involve the cutting and manipulation of maps that I find the most fascinating. The pulling apart of an informationally organized piece in order to reorganize and structure it, holds such a subtle yet profound message.



In her own words:

 Through the combined processes of alteration, isolation and dissection, the assimilation of these materials into my own visual lexicon, correspondingly embodies the dual attributes of presence and absence, antecedent and latent possibility. The work that emerges from such a strategy accordingly retains something of the materials prior history, in combination with my own, new directive. The writer Greg Hilty evokes spatial and proprietary metaphors when he refers to this as “inhabiting the corpus of another image” 

Dawn Gavin, Transitory Belonging

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