Diptych Tuesdays presents . . . La Passeggiata (2009)

The ritual of La Passeggiata, or in english ”To take a walk” is very different from a simple stroll down the street. La passeggiata is an exploration; an absorption of the environment around you as you walk. There really is something special about walking around in Italy.

These images were taken in and near Rome in 2009, when I was studying at SACI in Florence.

Color Print, Studio Arts Center International (SACI)

The colors, the smells, the history, and the people are all so much that when you even take a simple walk everything is so intense, and yet at the same time you feel such a sense of peace because you are so focused on the here and now.

I’m a huge fan of modern technology, but at the same time it forces us to become so removed from the world that surrounds us everyday. These images are the memories of this absorption that we miss out on everyday during our technological coma.

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