Mentor Mondays presents . . . Audra Buck-Coleman (aka ABC)

ABC, as the entire Design Concentration took to calling her, is one of those teachers who won’t settle for you to create anything other than your very best work. And if you are lucky enough to have her for multiple classes you will eventually be conditioned to have Graphic Design OCD.

That being said,  you can see in the photograph above how she has an incredible sense of fun and is able to command respect and demand hard work from her students while at the same time is still an approachable and caring instructor.

Buck-Coleman is a graphic designer with a passion for exploring the communication between human beings across cultures and the way design has and is used as a tool for good and evil. She was the reason part of my Design Concentration was lucky enough to go to Berlin for the Sticks + Stones: Berlin Exhibition experience. Our project recently just won the Core77 Design’s Professional Award for Design Education Initiatives. None of this collaboration would have happened without her tireless efforts to make this trip and exhibition happen.



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