Featured Friend Friday Presents . . . Z Takes Pictures


Z Takes Pictures

is a blog by my friend Zoe who takes photographs of her life and posts them. She calls it, “A project in self-discipline. Take a picture, post a picture. Every day.” And as anyone who’s tried to run a post-a-day blog knows, it is extremely difficult to keep up with it. Zoe maintains her promise really well and if she ever misses days – she makes up for them and then some.

Her photographs revel in the everyday and blast through you with emotion, color, humor, and a casual welcoming that allows the viewer to enjoy the warmth of these images without feeling voyeuristic.

She’s an incredibly talented photographer who doesn’t feel the need to make every shot be the defining photograph of her life. Instead her photos are bookmarks on the moments she treasures. Her shots make you wish you took more time to observe your own daily life the way she does.

Zoe’s blog Z Takes Pictures is available by clicking on any of the images in this post or by going to: http://ztakespictures.tumblr.com/

*Update: She has a new blog here: http://zlearnsthings.wordpress.com/

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