Featured Friend Fridays presents . . . Bridget Woodbury

Bridget is one of the most mature and organized individuals I have ever met. Since for most of our acquaintance she was usually the Producer or Stage Manager, those two qualities were extremely necessary and a relief to be able to count on.

Working with Bridget you know you are always going to get her honest opinion and you can count on her to be thinking 10 steps ahead to your one. We both worked together on the Capitol Fringe Festival show, “The A Cappella Party.” She was the Stage Manager and I co-wrote the book and played the role of “Anita”. This show was not an easy endeavor, being a musical in a delegated time slot with only students and recent graduates. Bridget managed more than the stage. She handled company issues, conflicts, load – in and out, as well as everything else a Stage Manager is expected to do. She jumped in before we ever had to yell for help and she never faltered through any problem.


Below are some images from shows I’ve done with Bridget. She’s an amazingly talented performance manager and an awesome friend.



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