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Meet the Artists: Hemmed Up

My friend, Kevin Shields, is a videographer who is rocking it throughout Philadelphia. Recently my friends and I went to see his video he recently did for acclaimed Philadelphia-based artists Keir Johnston and Ernel Martinez of Amber Art Collective in their recent piece, Hemmed Up.

Here’s the full information:

Inspired by the American Jewish relationship to the textile industry and the broader themes of immigration, labor, and struggle that it represents, the artists applied a unique color-coding system to texts from the exhibition where each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a fabric color. The result? Come see for yourself!

Filmmaker Kevin Shields came along for the ride and has created a short film of their experiences.

Now you can meet all three artists as you take a close-up look at their fabric-based centerpiece, Hemmed Up: Stories through Textiles (July 9 – August 25), with firsthand insights from the artists, and an opportunity to view the film about this unique endeavor.

Learn more here:

Watch Kevin’s Video:

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