Mentor Mondays presents Alli Blum & Throwaway Nation

Alli is an amazing writer who in addition to creating and running Throwaway Nation she does marketing and manages the internship program at United By Blue. Her passion is writing and she uses her amazing talents to discuss sustainability, environmental change, single use disposables and also startups, literature, design, and food. You can see more of her writing at and you can follow her there too.

Alli once asked me for some ideas of what to name her blog, and I immediately told her: “I read somewhere …” as it’s something I hear from her a lot. Alli reads. She reads everything. Which is why she so good at networking – her mind has an amazing ability to retain facts and anecdotes that she can apply to any conversation.

She also happens to be one of UBB’s best models. You can see her all over or you can go to my Fashion Photography she’s there too!

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