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Newest Project: Simply Epalf

Why a re-design?

Erica wanted to have a design that fit her style and would give her Fashion Blogger profile some more flare. Early on we discussed how she wanted her design to feel and we discussed it being “clean”, “fresh”, “classy”, “editorial”, and “girly.” From these words I understood her to want a professional, stylish website with a personal touch.

Her logo design was inspired by editorial-like and fashion magazine branding. Once we determined the logo, the style of the brand flourished from there into three different style tiles and several wireframe options.

Development Process

Erica wanted to keep the site on wordpress so I decided to create a child theme from the Twentyten WordPress theme. This was so that her site can stay current with the twentyten updates as well as making it easier to conform tried and true plugins.

Client Feedback

“Katie did a great job with this project. She took the time to explain everything we were doing with the site and took time to make sure all of my questions were answered. I am thoroughly satisfied with the work she did on my site.

There was never a point during this process where I thought I couldn’t voice my opinion. She took all of my feedback into consideration. I would definitely recommend her work to others!”

– Erica Alfeche,

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