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Personal Project Resolutions 2013

1. Monthly page challenge: Make sure you bring your camera with you throughout the month to special events and various outings. At the end of the month, pick the best pictures and post as a photo cluster.



2. Go on a photographic journey: Plan a weekend vacation, or even a day trip, around where you can go take great photographs. A pasture filled with cows? Excellent. A hiking trip up a mountain, with beautiful city views? Even better. An old-school diner with handmade milkshakes? Spectacular.

3. Portraits with Friends: Do a shoot of 10 – 20 friends on different days and compile a series by the end of the year. Work in to printed portraits as you see fit (ie, mixed media, framed, etc.)

These are the ones I want to do. Any other fave projects?  

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