Portrait Session with Alli Blum

You can learn to do anything, is her mantra. After years of working with Alli – even more years of being friends with her – it never ceases to amaze me her enthusiasm and drive for every piece of life. I’ve photographed her many times and each portrait captures another intricate layer.

Alli participated in my My Friends Make Art project and these images are some of the photos from one of our interview days. We walked through the streets of a sun dappled Old City and had a blast talking, shooting, and making each other laugh.

There’s never just one emotion at the table when you work with Alli. She’s not afraid to be herself – which can be said of a lot of people I know – but it’s a different matter when it’s in front of a camera. She shines.

One of the greatest parts about being a photographer is that I get to meet people everyday – even ones I’ve known for years.

As humans, the story of our lives is written on our faces, and I love to read.






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