Series Thursdays presents . . . Memories

One of my most recent projects includes old, forgotten slides that my parents found when they were moving. I’m working on the concept of how we perceive our memories in our mind. It involves the alterable quality of memory. The way multiple recollections can blend or color each other.

Kodachrome slides, 2011

I’m also interested in the honesty of memory. I find it incredible that in a court of law, most of the times evidence comes in secondary to eye-witness testimony, even though memory is constantly changeable. It does make one wonder – is memory honest? I think memory is as honest as humans can try to be, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken as truth.

If you know my views of photography, you know I believe there is a clean distinction between photographic honesty and truth. Perception will always reign supreme, but that doesn’t make it an untruth.

K. Friedgen © 2011, All Rights Reserved

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