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Featured Friend Friday presents . . . The UMD Treblemakers


The UMD Treblemakers are the University of Maryland’s only all-female a cappella group and I was a member from Fall 2006 – Spring 2010. I’m featuring them this Friday because they have a show coming up on Saturday, November 19 ·  7:00pm –  10:00pm in the Memorial Chapel at UMD.

While I was in the group I helped “choreograph” a few songs. I say “choreograph” because it was more about visual movement than dance in it’s strict sense. Above is from my sketchbook and it shows the way I would plan out the movement in a specific song. Below is the live version of this plan. It shows our performance of “Say (All I Need)”.

If you like what you see – there’s plenty more where that came from. Check the trebs out at their website, youtube, or at their show this weekend!

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