Draw Something Everyday: January 2015

I’ll be catching up on posts I’ve missed writing since I’ve been updating my website for three months. As I’ve mentioned in the 2015 resolution’s post, I’m attempting to draw something everyday for the year 2015. Every month I’ll post my favorite select drawings to feature here.

For January, I only picked three sketches as most of my drawings were doodles or type studies. These were all drawn using a ball point pen in my sketchbook.

I like the idea of decorating phrases and sayings I hear throughout the month and trying to visually capture what those sayings look like in my mind.



As always, I’m a portraits fan and you’ll see many doodles and drawings of people I see on the bus, television, in my mind.


And finally, I’ve always tried to explore letterforms more as drawn shapes than simply writing. With this challenge I find myself focusing on two to three letters of the alphabet at a time and drawing them over and over in various shapes and forms.

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