Draw Something Everyday: July 2015

July was a little all over the place where my drawings were concerned. Which makes sense because I was all over the place. Traveling for the 4th, exploring the city, and work work work. Sketching became a tool in order to help me get things done.

Like the first sketch I’m showing. I’m showing you a part of my “packing list”. Growing up I was a notorious over-packer, and it drove my parents crazy. My problem was I always tried to pack items I loved instead of planning out full outfits to wear. In order to make this easier for me now, I try and draw out a grid of how many days I’ll be gone, write in the days, any special occasions that call for certain kinds of clothes, and the predicted weather. Then I draw outfits I have that I know I’ll like for those days. This has made packing much easier for me.


Right at the end of June we had a huge event happen in US history – Marriage Equality! In honor of this momentus event I sketched some typography designs that I was inspired to draw.



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These triangular sketches were made while sitting on my deck looking out over the city skyline. I was inspired by the different triangular architectural shapes that I saw.


Finally, this last drawing was made while watching Death Comes to Pemberley on Netflix. Not a specific person, just a composite of period-era styles. Then for some reason I made her a bit more modern with eye makeup and an ear piercing. No reason, just drawing.


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