Draw Something Everyday: June 2015

In my freelance work I’ve been diving deeper into best current practices for transferring hand drawings to illustrator in order to create vector graphics.

Vectors are images that aren’t made up of pixels, therefore they don’t degrade and instead can be used at any scale or size. This is especially helpful for logos and web graphics.

As a designer, I’m constantly using Illustrator to render design concepts and drawings. But every designer sometimes falls into the habit of only using one workflow once they’ve been trained in a program. And I’ve been guilty of it. But no more!


In order to make the most of my time and to help speed up my workflow I’ve been using Lynda.com’s Illustrator classes. Specifically, “Drawing a Wedding Monogram in Illustrator” by Mordy Golding and “Tracing Artwork with Illustrator” by Justin Seeley.


So the drawings for this month are sketches I’ve made with the intention to eventually take them into photoshop and trace them into vector graphics.

I’ll be showing the finished efforts in my next My Life As Seen Through My Phone post.

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