Draw Something Everyday: March 2015

I’m back again with another #DrawSomethingEverday monthly recap. It really doesn’t surprise me that drawing has a strong effect on your mind. According to Sleeping Gravity Theatre, drawing “can actually add synapses to your neurotransmitters. This means that memories and experiences stored in your brain can become stronger, more vivid, and easier to access.”

While I haven’t felt that my brain has grown super powers with Sherlock Holmes precision in memory, I do feel less stressed, more relaxed, more focused and inspired.


My drawings for this month ranged across several topics. Working at an apparel company keeps me constantly exposed to new fashion (not that I have any ability to dress with fashion – but I do look at it everyday). With this constant muse, I started rendering outfits I’ve seen at work and in magazines or instagram. Lots of high waisted pant-fashion right now, am I right?


I wanted to add some color into some of my sketches and the markers I used led to me drawing out shapes with bold lines – just for fun. I did a few random shape sketches and added color later. In fact – these were fun – even if you don’t draw, try this it’s super fun.



A lot of times I’m drawing for this challenge at the end of the day when I’m relaxing on my couch and watching TV. While watching TV I noticed several people on my shows that don’t have eyes that match. This fascinated me. I started to draw eyes just as I saw them – no relation to eachother just wanted to draw every different eye from the characters in the shows I was watching. Several of these are from my binge-watching of The X-Files, because The truth is out there. So if you see Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny’s eyes . . . then you’re not wrong.

I’ve also continued my type studies. In this sample I’ve included the “T”, “W”, “X”, “Y”, and “Z” segment. It’s funny seeing which letters I enjoy drawing and which I find monotonous. For example, “W”‘s are amazing – so much flexibility and variation allowable, but “Y”‘s are just blah to me. If you make the stem too short – it’s a “U” if you make it too long – it’s hokey. Just a few things I’ve learned while working on this challenge.


I’ve said in previous posts, I was going to pick favorite quotes, lyrics, phrases, etc that I come across daily into my drawing challenge. The featured quote here is from Okkervil River’s “Lost Coastlines”

And every night finds us rocking and rolling on waves wild and wide

This song always makes me excited for warm weather . . . ♫

Well, those are my favorite selects for March. Can’t wait to see April takes us.

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