Draw Something Everyday: May 2015

It seems May was the month I got back to basics and began drawing hands for the gazillionth time. For anyone who’s taken a figure drawing class you know the most difficult thing you come across when trying to draw from life is drawing what you see, not what you think you know is there.

That is something I try and apply to other aspects of my life beyond drawing. How many of us can say we’re truly seeing the world around us instead of just assuming we know? You don’t have to look far to see where we’re disconnecting. I’m guilty of it too. But they say the first step is awareness and acknowledgement.



I like to reconnect by getting off the computer, the phone, the tablet, the tv and instead doing something reaffirming. Doing this drawing a day challenge, for example, or going for a run. Or listening to music – better yet playing and singing alone or with friends.

The trouble is we start out great. We meet up with friends, we’re having a great time and then someone’s always the first one. They pull out the phone and immediately the here and the now is reduced to background noise – inconsequential.

It’s one of the reasons I wrote down this quote from Jason Mraz’s song Did You Get My Message?


If you listen to the song it’s questioning what we’re saying when we send these words out to people. Is texting degrading our communications? I don’t just mean from a grammatical perspective. I mean are we avoiding real interactions with people by texting them, @’ing them, facebook messaging them?

Are we truly connecting with the people and places around us if we’re too busy on our phones assuming we’re experiencing these things instead of truly seeing them?

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