Moments on the Beach: An Improvised Dance

It was right after a huge down pour in South Carolina. My friend Emily, my sister, Kristina, and I were walking along the sand-packed shoreline. We started playing random songs off of our Spotify app and singing as we walked. As is her normal habit, Kristina began to dance as we walked.

Her movements were dreamy and full of storytelling and fun. So I decided to start the song over, got my phone’s video camera ready, and told her to make a dance up on the spot.

And then she did.

She’s done this my whole life. And I’m glad I finally had the presence of mind to record one of these magical moments. In addition to that, I’ve selected some of my favorite stills from her dance:







Finally, and one thing I began to notice while she danced and I taped it – the shapes being created in the sand. Like a paintbrush running along a canvas, her feet marked the sand and created a beautiful expressionistic masterpiece.


Being on the beach after a storm is my personal favorite time to walk the shore. See more images from my collection, After the Storm.

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