Gift Guide 2016: For the Techie in Your Life

Are you shopping for a designer? A developer? Or someone who spends most of their day working on the computer? Then look no further! Here’s a list of gifts your techie will love.


For the Designer

They constantly complain or applaud designs you see as you walk down the street. Or they audibly groan when they see incorrect kerning. Maybe you have an inside joke with them about silly typefaces. Whatever the case, you know your designer lives and breathes this stuff. So get them something that shows you know them.


DOT GRID BOOK CAHIER $7 &/or Mini, $14 (The ghostly store)


The beautify of these notebooks is in their simplicity. Easy to lay flat, a grid structure that doesn’t dominate the page, and lightweight for ease of carrying anywhere! It’s a pretty safe-bet that your designer is always in need of more sketchbooks.   Shop this item >>


Morning Glory Drafting Pencil, $15.44 (amazon)


Once you have the sketchbook – you need the right pencil. Get them a pencil that keeps on giving with this Sketch & Marking re-fillable pencil. Various versions can carry different weights and therefore help your designer with different marks. The grip of the pencil allows for ease of sketching and/or writing.  Shop this item >>


Cotton Bureau’s Design Shirts, ~$26 (Cotton Bureau)


Not all graphic tees are created equal, and I have to say I have a small crush on Cotton Bureau’s tees. Designed and submitted by designers and developers alike your designer can enjoy all the puns, design tool references and memes to their heart’s content.   Shop this item >>


c12 bag, $225 (bartaile)


It’s not easy working in tech. You have to be able to carry your computer with you from home to office every day. Not only that, but usually several books, phones, tablets, and any other tools necessary to getting the job done. With that amount of gadgetry needed in your bag, most tech workers lean towards using a bulky backpack or messenger bag. I don’t know about you, but when I wear a normal backpack I feel like everyone assumes I’m in college. Not the tone I want to set at work everyday.

Luckily Bartaile has made a bag that can carry everything your designer needs while also looking sleek and professional. While this is definitely more expensive than other options on this list, it pays for itself in being useful, professional-looking, and well made.  Shop this look >>


For the Developer

They randomly jump up from some conversation or TV show or whatever in order to grab their computer and solve a work problem. They speak more in animated gifs than words. They are more than likely a gamer. They are the developer or engineer in your life. Here are a few gifts specifically chosen for them.


cotton bureau’s developer shirts, ~$26 (Cotton Bureau)


Cotton Bureau strikes again! What more can I say? These shirts say it all. And if you’ve met a developer who doesn’t own a graphic tee with some kind of tech joke on it – I’ll call you a liar.  Shop this item >>


web education/tutorial subscription, $29.99 (


Recently I extolled the many virtues of being able to learn coding from the comfort of your own couch! And any of those services would be a great gift for the developer in your life. No matter what an engineer or developer may think – we never know everything there is to know about our coding languages. There are always new methods, updates, improvements, techniques that we can gain expertise from and awareness about. Why not get them a year subscription to one of these options and give the gift of endless learning?  Shop this item >>


august bluetooth headphones, $47.95 (Amazon)


Let’s just say I’m wearing these as I write this post. Headphones are an essential tool for anyone who works in an open-plan office. When you work on the computer all day and you’re trying to dig deep into a problem, this is how you block out any distractions. While I’ve had headphones in the past, they end up squeezing my ears after a while and I have to take them off, or the small iPhone headphones become uncomfortable after awhile and I have to take them out.

With these headphones, I’m never distracted and they’re so comfortable I’ve slept with them on. They’re bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way. And if you’re constantly on conference calls or need to answer the phone – these have a microphone as well. I sometimes clean my whole house while having calls with my whole family wearing these. Give the gift of productivity to your tech-lover and they will never stop thanking you.  Shop this item >>


Herringbone Organized Backpack, $164.95 (Mochi Things)


Here’s another great bag recommendation. For those who want a more sporty option that travels very well – this bag has all the pockets needed for all your tech, cantines, pens, cords, etc. A little more affordable than the previous bag, Mochi Things gives you the option of various colors and specifies all the ways this bag can carry every tool your developer needs on the daily.  Shop this item >>


That’s all for now – hopefully you can find something for the designer or developer in your life. Are you a tech lover? What are you hoping for this holiday season?

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