personal project resolutions


1. Throw a Portraits Party


This year I’m going to finally hold the party I’ve mentally been planning for ages. To anyone who is at all familiar with my work, I love portraits. I love taking my friends and capturing a moment of quiet stillness, or erratic energy. I have several portrait project inspiration boards and this is the year I’m going to throw a portraits party. I’ll set up casual and more traditional backdrops in my apartment, potentially rent lighting equipment and finally throw a party. I’m going to ask my friends to come as they are, but also bring a white or black top so that I can get a variety of focused images.

Once I’ve completed the shoot, I plan on creating a book from the portraits as well as utilizing the imagery in my mixed media pursuits. Which leads us to number two.

2. More Mixed Media Projects


My mixed media work takes more time to start and finish than any of my photographic work, and can really only be done in certain locations with certain supplies. This means that my finished pieces are few and far between nowadays.

This year I want to make more than a conscious effort to create more of my mixed media work. Plain and simple.

3. Thematic Monthly Page Challenge


And finally, a resolution continuation from last year but with an added level. I want to continue my monthly phone photography series, but instead of just posting my favorite images from that month, I’m going to add a theme.

Whether that theme be chosen at the beginning of the month or at the conclusion, each month with be declared thematic and I’ll post images that correspond accordingly.

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