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I had an amazing group of friends while I studied in Italy. All of them were willing to sit still and let me draw them, photograph them, stare at them for uncomfortably long periods of time. I love keeping in touch with them to this day as we’ve all continued our art and it’s fascinating to see how all of them have grown.

Kassandra, 2009 Florence, Italy

This is my collection of images I have in my sketchbooks of Kass. You can see her beautiful tumblr here. Kass mixes her writings and photographic images in what I feel like are two part poems and anecdotes. I remember debating with her the idea of portraiture and photography and what images and likenesses mean in theoretical and idealogical terms. Kass never has boring conversations and you can always tell that her mind is never silent. I think that is why I sketched and photographed her so much. You can always see the multitude of ideas and thoughts sitting just below the surface.

Chiarostudio © K. Friedgen, All rights Reserved.

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