Wanderlust: Big Sur

After an amazing visit to LA, Venice, and Malibu, it was finally time for Emily and I to travel up the coast to San Francisco. Everyone had told us to drive up the coast, so even though I’m really not a height person, we did just that.

Emily – the champ of the day since she drove the 10 hours single-handedly – had us put on some tunes and we began our journey through the Los Padres National Forest. We passed several farms before getting close enough to stop and walk on the beach. We saw seagulls and elephant seals – not to mention the incredible juxtaposition of having a steep cliff to your left and giant mountains on your right.


california_katharine_friedgen_photography_web-153 california_katharine_friedgen_photography_web-157



It’s an intense drive, but beyond worth it as you end up getting to experience Big Sur. This was the highlight of the drive for me. I’m much more used to the east coast’s ocean topography – but the west puts on a show for you. Big Sur is dramatic with deep greens on the cliffs and bright blues in the waves with craggy mountainous terrain in-between.



This is a part of the trip not to be missed. If you have the opportunity to drive this coast – then do it.

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