Draw Something Everyday: August 2015

When I was younger I loved a series of books by Marissa Moss called, Amelia’s Notebook.

These books are fashioned like standard composition notebooks and are journals told from Amelia’s perspective with drawings and notes in the margins and throughout the book. I loved seeing these stories and making a friend through the pages who also loved drawing and doodling throughout her journal.

While trying to think of things to draw I thought back to this series and how the style of drawing felt like a real sketchbook: some drawings detailed, others quick sketches, some later colored in marker or watercolor.

So with the drawing style in mind I thought I’d take a page from the “journal” and draw things I consider my go-tos everyday. What do I never leave my house without? How do I start my day?

I never leave without my fitbit, a water bottle to keep hydrated all day, my sketchbook, my morning cup of coffee from Jharoka, a book or my nook, my sneakers to work werk, my phone (most important), and headphones to keep on jamming from my commute to my workout.


Going with this outline style of drawing I decided to illustrate the pens I had in my bag at that time. Then I worked on a more illustrative rendering of typographic numbers.



What were your favorite childhood books? Do they still inspire you today?

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