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Series Thursdays presents . . . My Thesis Work

First and foremost, as a photographer, I am a manipulator of light. The process that I utilize to create my pieces at its core is a layering of light that is eventually expressed physically using ink, drawing, collage, and screen-printing which enables me to work freely through several mediums before developing a finished piece.

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thesis work

These digital prints begin as photographs, which are transferred to my iPhone, which is then pulled across a scanner, like a squeegee across a silkscreen, to output an image. The constant transfer of this image allows for the original image to become abstracted, while also collecting the marks and details from each screen it transfers from. Each transfer of light is like a layer of paint or ink onto an image. Each layer carries it’s own smudges, scratches, and dust. Once these layers have built up enough the image looks thoroughly worked, even though all that’s there is a constant layering of reflected light.

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