2014 Personal Project Resolutions: A Retrospective

As I’ve tried to do for the past few years during holiday season, last year I made three large personal resolutions to help inspire my personal and professional work. Here is where I review my success as well as what eventually came from these resolutions.

  1. Throw a portaits party: This in fact did not happen. I never had the chance to throw a portraits party like I truly wanted to. I hope to do so next year, but in the meantime I did have several portraiture opportunities with friends this past year.Some were for projects, like headshots, and some were for MFMA, and some were for fun. Whichever reason, here is a recap of some of my favorite portraits I took from 2014:

    my friends make art brian engard luke crane


    1. More mixed media projects: This one I truly neglected. Aside from my Glasses piece from the beginning of 2014 and my contribution to the Hooley Collaborative Coloring Party, I really did not focus on my mixed media work this year. I primarily focused on my freelance work with photography and design.This year I’ve structured a resolution I’ll talk about in a following post in order to help motivate my mixed media work.google glass series artwork

      community coloring hooley photography


  1. Thematic Monthly Page Challenge: Luckily, I did complete this resolution and have picked twelve images from each month to show now. This challenge was one I did in the year 2013, but for 2014 I made myself look for a theme each month and capitalize on that.Have a look:

    January 2014 | Monthly Theme: Light + Shadows

    February 2014 | Monthly Theme: Typography

    my life as seen through my phone

    March 2014 | Monthly theme: Faces

    April 2014 | Monthly Theme: Lines

    May 2014 | Monthly Theme: Repeated Patterns

    June 2014 | Monthly Theme: Philadelphia Architecture – Old & New

    philadelphia old views

    July 2014 | Monthly Theme: Color – High Saturation

    August 2014 | Monthly Theme: When I look down …

    when i look down

    September 2014 | Monthly Theme: Natural Light

    October 2014 | Monthly Theme: Found Patterns

    fall in philadelphia

    November 2014 | Monthly Theme: Shadows & Light

    ship sunsets at the navy yard

    December 2014 | Monthly Theme: Family & Friendship

Coming soon will be a recap of my resolutions for 2015. I’ve taken parts of what I learned from this years accomplishments, looked forward to the goals I’ve set myself for this year and determined what challenges will help me grow as an artist personally and professionally.

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